Art and Visual Perception


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Rudolf Arnheim
Ed. University of California Press

ISBN: 9780520243835

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"In <i>The Ego and the Id </i>Freud argued that a cogent thought process, to say nothing of conscious intellectual work, could not exist amidst the unruliness of visual experience. Over the last half century in a sequence of landmark books, Rudolf Arnheim has not only shown us how wrong that is, he has parsed the grammar of form with uncanny acuity and taught us how to read it."–Jonathan Fineberg, author of <i>Art since 1940: Strategies of Being</i> <p> "It is a book of first-rate importance, and many aspects of the psychology of art are for the first time given a scientific basis. It is sure to have a far-reaching influence, and artists themselves would benefit from reading it."–Sir Herbert Read

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Rudolf Arnheim


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